12 Guns – Battle of 12 constellations


12Guns is an immersive shooter genre:

Combat type combat with props, very easy to manipulate, full of excitement, high competitiveness, rich PK.
Taking the hot topic of 12 constellations, the way through the rotation of the game is integrated with the element constellation. Create a very special interactive relationship.
A variety of dress and props.
Second edition of the magnificent and mystical underground.
Along with accompanying systems such as collecting order, achievement, arena.


Olympus is the home of the gods and the paradise of the explorers.¬†Since ancient times, the miraculous relationships between the twelve constellations have governed the development of history, even silently deciding the destiny of every human being. The merit of anyone can be “immersed travellers” in the 12 kingdoms.

Wealth is more valuable than gold and silver treasures are the cards of 12 constellations into fashion, the card contains ancient energy is the source of life on the Olympus continent, power, even Animal kingdoms and people of 12 kingdoms are constantly searching and collecting these cards.
Hidden in the prosperity of the twelve kingdoms is how unstable, even the most intelligent and intelligent prophet on the continent can not accurately tell the origin of the matter, just have Under the guise of a danger, a fictitious body accepting this prophecy, throwing away prejudices, following the instructions of the constellations constituting the militia, began a journey of adventure. Find the mysteries of the cards and discover the mysteries of the gods that symbolize the twelve constellations.

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