12 Guns – Battle of 12 constellations

12 Guns – Battle of 12 constellations

12Guns is an immersive shooter genre:

Combat type combat with props, very easy to manipulate, full of excitement, high competitiveness, rich PK.
Taking the hot topic of 12 constellations, the way through the rotation of the game is integrated with the element constellation. Create a very special interactive relationship.
A variety of dress and props.
Second edition of the magnificent and mystical underground.
Along with accompanying systems such as collecting order, achievement, arena.


Olympus is the home of the gods and the paradise of the explorers. Since ancient times, the miraculous relationships between the twelve constellations have governed the development of history, even silently deciding the destiny of every human being. The merit of anyone can be “immersed travellers” in the 12 kingdoms.

Wealth is more valuable than gold and silver treasures are the cards of 12 constellations into fashion, the card contains ancient energy is the source of life on the Olympus continent, power, even Animal kingdoms and people of 12 kingdoms are constantly searching and collecting these cards.
Hidden in the prosperity of the twelve kingdoms is how unstable, even the most intelligent and intelligent prophet on the continent can not accurately tell the origin of the matter, just have Under the guise of a danger, a fictitious body accepting this prophecy, throwing away prejudices, following the instructions of the constellations constituting the militia, began a journey of adventure. Find the mysteries of the cards and discover the mysteries of the gods that symbolize the twelve constellations.

Working with Game:

Each constellation has its own personality, suicidal Leo, warm humor, romantic Sagittarius, celestial nobility, different personality, different hobbies, life is like, and in The game world too. 12gun is an entertaining online shooting game for phones that is suitable for astrological fanatics, unlike other games, fighting is the biggest joy in this game, as you fight monsters to upgrade. This is where you feel and experience the excitement and excitement of the game.
12Gun There are over 100 pieces of clothing, shaping, giving you the freedom to choose, the different constellations whether male or female are able to express their own personality, but also can use the costume change ring To become a Transformers, Spider Man or any other character, you can also command Automan to fight monsters.

In 12Gun not only need equipment, level, accuracy, tactics, but also need a little luck. In 12Gun, each constellation has its own distinctive weapon, a co-ordinate combination of characters, skills, and equipment that can create a character with its own distinctive character. Whether you are domineering, warm, or unhappy here you can find yourself fighting the way you like, create your own style, let the opponent adore or hate envy.

Take a look at the introduction above you will be worried that the operation will

It’s complicated, but it’s really simple, you just need to adjust the angle and force to be able to gently fight, one click can make all.
The rich variety of peripherals will give you more fun than the games, the diversity of the card system, the mystery of online shopping, and the daily fortune of the constellations. , accidental accident, etc … will give you a new feeling.
For more information, please check out the latest news, there are still a lot of dedicated and mystical guns for every constellation waiting for you to experience.

Variety of stars:

Gamer when creating his character should select a constellation, after confirming the constellation, a new sperm was born on the continent of Zediake. From the moment you choose your constellation, the constellation element will also be added to your adventure. In the game need to base on the constellation you choose to take the journey every day, for example: today you conjugate with any constellation, today constellation will bring you luck, today color garment What is your color?

Combination of constellations:

Due to the entry of the constellation element, the content of the game will change dynamically, with a lot of games seem very normal but content changes are not normal at all. The function of team killing monsters in the game is also due to the participation of constellations that change randomly, interesting. When you and your constellation combine with today’s combined killings, you will gain more effectiveness than your team mates. If you can find matchmaking every day, then there is also some help for increasing the initial power! Want to reach the “people meet people, flowers meet the declaration, want to reach the monster encounter scene must also kill himself and drop objects? Then rely on the constellation rotation, please find someone who has charm with you in this game offline.

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